Are you making your organization better? It’s up to you!

Below is a quick email that I sent to our staff and lay leaders at Sonrise Baptist Church to simply challenge them and encourage them.  It is from Seth Godin and you can subscribe to his posts as well by using the link.  I hope that you find it useful as well whether it be in ministry, your office, or in everyday life.

“It’s completely up to you”

… and that’s the problem.

I was picking out the mat for a framed photo and there were a thousand colors to choose from. The framer uttered the scary invocation, putting the choice back to me.

So many things are now completely up to us, more than ever before. Where and how and when we work and invest and interact and instruct and learn…

If you think you have no choice but to do what you do now, you’ve already made a serious error.

It seems to me that passing the buck on this merely because it’s easier than choosing is precisely the wrong strategy. It enables an abdication of power that will be very hard to reverse. It’s up to you, and that’s part of the power that you’ve got.

Back to the framer: I picked, because that’s my job.”


So.  Yes we obviously depend on the leadership of the Holy Spirit but there is a tendency to use this as a spiritual “cop out” to run from responsibility or cover up for laziness.  This is not to insenuate  or point fingers.  (Relax…)  But, throughout Scripture God uses obedient people.  Obedience says:  I hear the call and it’s up to me!

So are you really making your church or office a better place to worship and make disciples for our community and for the nations?

Be Encouraged!

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