Friday is for Family


“Daddy, can we please leave. I’m bored.”

Doctor’s office visits. If you have children then you will understand what I am talking about today. With children it can seem like our little “walking copays” spend more time at appointments for their well-being than they spend in school. As parents we can arrive at the appointment more worked up than they are because of leaving work, fighting traffic, checking kids out-of-school, and et cetera.

Here are a few simple ways to enjoy these days:

These moments are temporary
We often say it, so now is a good time to remember it. They are only this age and size right now. As troublesome as the appointment can seem, God has given us this time with them so make the most of it. Take the time to ask how school is going or enjoy a special treat after the appointment. It’s a getaway from work for you too so make the most of it.

Make Conversation
We’ve already touched on it but use the time to connect with your child. Look at a magazine together. Sit in the children’s area and play together. Intentionally ask questions about their lives.

Be thankful together
We all know that some appointments can end with life-changing news. Use regular check ups or appointments to celebrate the health that we have and discuss how that is a gift from God.

Who knows. Annoying appointments can seem more like a fun fiend trip when the day is done.

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